VibroAcoustics | 2020 – now

Music Production & Performance, Sound Engineer

Vibroacoustic sound therapy


VibroAcoustics is a technology, wellness and art-driven, community-centric company – focused on pioneering the regenerative powers of music and vibration through VibroAcoustic Therapy (VAT)

My work with VibroAcoustics dates back to their foundation, developing therapeutic music based on deep sub frequencies, to be listened while lying on their vibroacoustic modules at a wide range of conferences, events and festivals as well as private sessions.

The Vesica Project | 2019

Music Production & Performance

Interactive multi-sensory installation


ūüď∑: Ramona August

VESICA is a dream ship designed for exploration of the wondrous ocean of the calm inner space.

The project is founded by Benjamin Hugo Lager, who brought together visual artists, designers, musicians, programmers, storytellers and much more to co-create this melding pot of sensorial stimuli and artistic as well as spiritual ideas.

Practically, it is a dome featuring a vibroacoustic floor, wireless headphones and various audio-reactive lights, visuals and decoration setups, depending on the occasion. The installation has both a jam mode, where participants can interact and play music together, an auto-pilot mode featuring pre-recorded sound journeys, and can host live performances or facilitated ceremonies.

During my time with Vesica, we participated in The Borderland, Str√łm Festival, and Geoforum – Kortdage.

Below you can hear one of the pieces I composed for the installation, based on speak and story by Ioana Spataru.

Beanboy | 2022

Sound Design, Soundtrack & Mix

Childrens animation short
Directed by Emily Hanning
Graduation film from The Animation Workshop

Beanboy is an animated short film for children, which I had the honor of doing both sound design and music for together with Lasse Juncker Kjærulff.

One of the main premises for the sound on this film was to incorporate the vibe of 80’s Japanese anime movies and video games, which is reflected both in the background soundscape, sound effects and parts of the music.

It was a joyful challenge, and a lot of work – fiddling with synthesizers – went into finding the right squishy sound for Beanboy’s movements. As well as creating sound effects which, without being too slapstick’y, effectively underlines the emotions of the characters during some of the key moments in the film.

Landevejen Til Mælkevejen | 2022

Sound Recordist & Mix

Dark comedy short
Directed by Nikolai Fuglsang
Cast: Simon Kærslund, Hjalte Lehmann, Agger Aziz

Landevejen Til Mælkevejen (The Country Road To The Milkyway) was an exam project for Advanced Media-production at Sonic College. The film humorously depicts some absurd aspects of the provincial culture of southern Jutland, where our school was located at the time when the film was produced.

I took part in the production of the film from the beginning, but my most prominent roles were recording and directing sound on set and editing/mixing during post-production.

Especially the dialogue proved to be a real challenge during post-production, as a big part of the film takes place in a huge reverberant hall and was recorded only with boom mics (no microports). However it taught me a lot about dialogue editing, and I’m pretty satisfied with the end result.

UFO Filmen | In production

Soundtrack, Sound Design & Mix

Sci-fi feature – in production
Directed by Mads Lilkær

UFO Filmen (The UFO Movie) is a completely nuts Sci-Fi budget film. It has been 10 years in the making already and you can literally watch the beard of the main character grow longer throughout the movie.

I’ve composed the soundtrack for the film together with Matias Milling, and also featuring on some sound design together with Hjalte Lehmann and Nikolai Fuglsang. We are currently mixing it. Stay tuned!

Stof Til Eftertanke | 2021

Interviewer, Recording, Sound Design


Stof Til Eftertanke is a Danish podcast on the topic of psychedelic therapy, its’ history, societal status / stigma and current research.

The podcast revolves around Christian, who shares his transformative experiences with psilocybin mushrooms, while Martin Kufahl from Psykedelisk Samfund and scientist Anna Ulstein Odland complements with expert knowledge, perspective and advice.

I conducted all the interviews together with the host, Hjalte Lehmann, and did additional sound design. The podcast features music by Daniel Clifton and was edited by Severin Wedel and additionally organised by Julie Wiingreen.